CARDIS 2021 is over. All pre-recordings and the recordings of the live sessions are now available on the CARDIS YouTube Channel.

CARDIS 2021 was accompanied by the Fall School on Nano-Electronics for Secure Systems (NESSY). NESSY is aimed at PhD students, postdocs and interested individuals and is supposed to offer the opportunity for networking, discussions, and collaboration. CARDIS 2021 and NESSY shared an invited talk.

CARDIS 2021 Technical Program

Dates and Times are UTC +01:00.

Thursday, November 11

Today's keynotes and sessions are also accessible in our livestream.

11:30-12:50 UTC +01:00
Room: Radisson Blu
12:50-13:00 UTC +01:00
Opening Session
Thomas Eisenbarth, Thomas Pöppelmann, Vincent Grosso
Room: Lübeck 1+2
13:00-14:00 UTC +01:00
Keynote #1: Security challenges and opportunities in emerging device technologies: a case study on flexible electronics (chair: Thomas Eisenbarth)
Room: Lübeck 1+2
14:00-14:15 UTC +01:00
14:15-15:30 UTC +01:00
Session #1: Public key cryptography (chair: Peter Pessl)
Room: Lübeck 1+2

Hardware Implementations of Pairings at Updated Security Levels
Arthur Lavice, Nadia El Mrabet, Jean Baptiste Rigaud, Alexandre Berzati and Julien Proy

A Hard Crystal - Implementing Dilithium on Reconfigurable Hardware
Georg Land, Pascal Sasdrich and Tim Güneysu

In-depth Analysis of Side-Channel Countermeasures for CRYSTALS-Kyber Message Encoding on ARM Cortex-M4
Hauke Malte Steffen, Lucie Johanna Kogelheide and Timo Bartkewitz
15:30-16:30 UTC +01:00
Keynote #2: "Challenges of Post-Quantum Cryptography in the Embedded World" (chair: Vincent Grosso)
Room: Lübeck 1+2
16:30-17:00 UTC +01:00
17:00-17:50 UTC +01:00
Session #2: Fault attacks and reverse engineering (chair: Pascal Sasdrich)
Room: Lübeck 1+2

Multi-spot Laser Fault Injection Setup: New Possibilities for Fault Injection Attacks
Brice Colombier, Julien Vernay, Paul Grandamme, Émilie Chavanat, Lilian Bossuet, Lucie de Laulanié and Bruno Chassagne

Complete Practical Side-Channel-Assisted Reverse Engineering of AES-Like Ciphers
Andrea Caforio, Fatih Balli and Subhadeep Banik
17:50-18:30 UTC +01:00
Session #3 (Online): Hardware security (chair: Tobias Schneider)
Room: Lübeck 1+2

Fast Calibration of Fault Injection Equipment with Hyperparameter Optimization Techniques
Vincent Werner, Laurent Maingault and Marie-Laure Potet

Trace-to-trace translation for SCA
Christophe Genevey-Metat, Annelie Heuser and Benoît Gérard

Laboratory X-rays operando single bit attacks on flash memory cells
Laurent Maingault, Stéphanie Anceau, Manuel Sulmont, Luc Salvo, Jessy Clediere, Pierre Lhuissier, Emrick Belliard and Jean-Luc Rainard
19:30-22:00 UTC +01:00
Conference Dinner
Restaurant Schiffergesellschaft
Breite Str. 2, 23552 Lübeck

Friday, November 12

Today's keynotes and sessions are also accessible in our livestream.

09:15-11:00 UTC +01:00
Social Event
Meeting point: In front of the Radisson Blu Senator Lübeck Hotel
11:30-12:30 UTC +01:00
Session #4 (Online): Secure implementations (chair: Colin O'Flynn)
Room: Lübeck 1+2

FuzzyKey: Comparing Fuzzy Cryptographic Primitives on Resource-Constrained Devices
Mo Zhang, Eduard Marin, David Oswald and Dave Singelee

Under the dome: preventing hardware timing information leakage
Mathieu Escouteloup, Ronan Lashermes, Jacques Fournier and Jean-Louis Lanet

PhiAttack: Rewriting the Java Card Class Hierarchy
Jean Dubreuil and Guillaume Bouffard

Enhanced Encodings for White-Box Designs
Alberto Battistello, Laurent Castelnovi and Thomas Chabrier
12:30-13:30 UTC +01:00
Room: Radisson Blu Restaurant
13:30-14:30 UTC +01:00
Keynote #3: "Lessons Learned from Securing the Supply Chain of a High Security Smartphone" (chair: Thomas Pöppelmann)
Room: Lübeck 1+2
14:30-15:00 UTC +01:00
15:00-16:40 UTC +01:00
Session #5: Side-channel attacks (chair: Olivier Bronchain)
Room: Lübeck 1+2

A Tale of Two Boards: On the Influence of Microarchitecture on Side-Channel Leakage
Vipul Arora, Ileana Buhan, Guilherme Perin and Stjepan Picek

Towards a Better Understanding of Side-Channel Analysis Measurements Setups
Davide Bellizia, Balazs Udvarhelyi and François-Xavier Standaert

Profiled Side-channel Analysis in the Efficient Attacker Framework
Stjepan Picek, Annelie Heuser, Guilherme Perin and Sylvain Guilley

Single-Trace Fragment Template Attack on a 32-bit Implementation of Keccak
Shih-Chun You and Markus G. Kuhn
16:40-16:50 UTC +01:00
Closing Session
Thomas Eisenbarth, Thomas Pöppelmann, Vincent Grosso
Room: Lübeck 1+2

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